Water Safety & Aquatic Guidelines

Watch Around The Water

The Watch Around Water program was created by the aquatics industry for the aquatics industry and looks to raise awareness of the importance of parental supervision of young children while at public swimming pools and promotes the following safe supervision policies (minimum standard):

Children under 5 years must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible adult over 16 years of age and supervised at arm’s reach at all times.

Children under 10 years must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible adult over 16 years and supervised at all times.

Access the Watch Around The Water program website here.

Life Saving Victoria

MSAC and Life Saving Victoria work closely together to achieve a safe aquatic environment. LSV’s vision and mission aligns with MSAC’s passion for creating an enjoyable and safe environment for all members of the community.

MSAC has a Platinum Pool rating. The Platinum Pool Program was introduced by Life Saving Victoria to highlight aquatic facilities that have achieved the highest standards in the provision of aquatic safety and risk management. The receipt of Platinum Pool accreditation is recognised as a sign of excellence within the Industry.

Life Saving Victoria website

Aquatic Guidelines

Aquatic Guidelines include:

  • Parents need to adhere to MSAC’s supervision policy of: Children under 5 supervised within arms reach and children under 10 actively supervised by a parent or guardian over the age of 16.
  • Walking at all times,
  • Reckless behaviour prohibited,
  • Ball games are not advised and
  • Please listen to lifeguards requests.
  • Lane etiquette: Please stay close to the lane whilst swimming and be mindful of the speed in which you swim as there are lanes for all speeds.
  • Please check the conditions of entry of the centre
  • Family change rooms should be used by parents and guardians with children of opposite sex over the age of six years.


Lock Out

For more information about lock outs, check out our full FAQs here.