27th May, 2019

The power of the mind in sticking to a goal – Andrew Jobling

Creating T.E.A.R.S of joy? The power of the mind in sticking to a goal This article has been written by Andrew Jobling. Visit his website at www.andrewjobling.com.au I think we can all agree, the greatest joy in the world is that which brings tears. The birth of a child may bring tears of joy to the parents. […]

Creating T.E.A.R.S of joy? The power of the mind in sticking to a goal

This article has been written by Andrew Jobling. Visit his website at www.andrewjobling.com.au

I think we can all agree, the greatest joy in the world is that which brings tears. The birth of a child may bring tears of joy to the parents. Graduating from a tough course could cause tears of joy. Overcoming a major challenge in life is very likely to result in overwhelming tears of joy. The achievement of any goal that has required discomfort, sacrifice, courage and focus seems to automatically engage the tears-of-joy reflex in the body. I’ve watched a little of ‘The Voice’ this season, and, I enjoy the blind auditions. Often, the performer who has worked hard to get there, and, turns even just one chair is overcome with emotion and consequently starts to cry tears of joy. I always start crying with them!! The tears represent the culmination and realisation of something so important, and, the amazing effort and courage that has gone into creating the success.

I know there have been times in your life when, as a result of a success you achieved, you have experienced these tears of joy. Can you remember? I bet the thought of it today, gets the tears welling up again, even though it may be many years since the success was experienced. My question to you is; would you like to know the predictable formula to create tears of joy again and again in your life? The acronym T.E.A.R.S is exactly that formula.

It may have been a while since you have been able to feel the joy of tearful success. Maybe you are doubting yourself and wondering whether amazing success is really possible for you. It might even be that you are jealous or envious of others who seem to be achieving great things, whilst you are stagnating in your life. If any of those things are true for you, I want to excite you this week. I want to show you that any goal, achieved by any person, is just the end result of the T.E.A.R.S (of joy) process. The great news is, if you apply this formula, then you too can achieve anything you want in your life. Are you excited? 

In the acronym, T = Thought, E = Emotion, A = Action, R = Routine and S = Success (or Sink, as the case may be). Succeeding or Sinking is the predictable end result of this process, depending on what Thought the progression starts with. I don’t want to talk about sinking, only succeeding, but it’s important to know that the result you end up with starts with a thought that is chosen by you.
Let’s work it backwards, and I will use myself as an example, primarily because I know me really well. I created what seemed like illogical and surprising success, when I published my first book. If we work the formula backwards, we can see how it happened, and, that it actually wasn’t illogical, accidental or surprising. In my mind, success was holding that published book in my hands. I could see it clearly. It happened not because I could see it, it happened because of the habits and writing routine I created. I made the decision to take immediate action and write a little bit every day, until it was finished, no matter how long it took. The immediate action happened because emotionally I was excited and determined to get the job done. The excitement and determination happened as a result of one simple thought. It was a thought that came into my head many years ago and it said clearly that, I can write a book. In my mind, whilst I had never done it before, I knew; I had a message, I could learn to write a book and I would persist until it was done. 

Everything starts with a thought…

The reason why most people never achieve the success they want, instead find themselves sinking, is because of one thing and one thing only. That thing can be changed in a heart-beat, which means the result they get can be changed in a heart-beat. That one thing is a thought! It is the difference between thinking; I can or I can’t, it will be easy or it will be hard, it is impossible or I will find a way. I want to invite you to go on a journey with me here as we strategically plan your amazing success. 

So, could you please take a few minutes and imagine success in a certain area of your life. Get some clarity on what it is, and, get some strong and compelling reasons why it’s important for you to achieve it. Why will its achievement cause tears of joy? Have you done that? If not, this process won’t work until you do. If you have, great. As you think about the achievement of this goal, the process begins. So, make sure you start it properly by choosing the thought… you can do it!

As you can see from the T.E.A.R.S model, this thought will lead to an emotion. The right thought will get you excited, determined and keen to get started. The positive emotion will lead you to the first step, and an initial action. You know what that action is for you, don’t you? So, far that’s the easy part, right? Make no mistake, turning an initial action into a habit and automatic routine will take time, attention, effort and resilience. The great news is that, at any time, you can choose the thought that will determine how you feel and what you do. Over time, your focus on want you want, your positive and solution-oriented thoughts, your empowered feelings, your repetitive and purposeful actions become a routine that will predictably lead you to tears of joy as you enjoy the success that will come your way.

The simplicity of this model is that, just like dominos, once the first one is pushed, the rest will automatically fall. Whether they fall the way you want them to or not, is determined by the first push. Similarly, the results you are getting in your life are the end result of a thought that starts a domino effect on your emotions, actions, routines and consequently level of success. So, are you ready for the answer to any question, and, the solution to any challenge? Say yes! Then just choose the thought; ‘I can’, ‘I’m good enough,’ ‘I will find a way,’ ‘I will make it happen,’ ‘I’m a winner’ and ‘I have got what it takes.’ If you can start with and maintain the right thoughts, it will predictably lead you to… TEARS of joy!