17th December, 2019

Safety in the Open Water – 2XU Tri Series

Dan Weekes, Performance Swim Coach at Tri Alliance, offers three tips for staying safe when swimming in the open water.

1. Never swim on your own.

Always swim alongside a training partner. Make sure you communicate where and how far you’re going to swim. Whether it be, “I’m going to swim as far as that buoy and then wait”, it’s imperative to know and be comfortable with the distance you’re planning on swimming.

2. Parallel to the shore.

Always ensure you swim parallel to the shore in chest-deep water. This will make sure you minimise the impact of potential rips and undertows. It’s best to swim on a calm day, with minimal waves and wind. But remember, even if it seems calm, rips and undertows can be deceptively dangerous. If you’re in chest-deep water, you know you can always put your feet down and be comfortable and safe in the water.

3. Make sure you know the recovery position.  

Make sure you know the recovery position, to prepare for the worst case scenario. Open water is very unpredictable, and you never know when the weather might change and utilising the recovery position may save you. Swimming in the open water may tire you out more quickly than a pool, especially if there is a current. So you may end up needing to rest more frequently and the recovery position is a great way to do this. 

Race 3 of the 2XU Tri-Series is on Sunday January 12th 2020 and Melbourne Sports Centres – MSAC is proud to be the official training venue of this event.