17th July, 2020

Why your workouts aren’t working out

So you’ve been working out for a few months now, following the same program and you’ve been pretty disciplined. But you’re not seeing results. Frustrating, isn’t it? There might be a few reasons why this is happening.

Training too much  

You might working too hard. You’d think that putting in those hours might result in some visible changes to your physique and some physical changes to your performance. But running every single day or hitting the weights before and after work might be doing you more damage than good.   

Studies have shown that working too hard too often, or over intensified training can result in overtraining or overreaching, not allowing your muscles to recover and therefore, grow or perform as needed.  


Variety is an important factor when working out. Firstly, if you do the same thing every time you go to the gym, you’ll quickly get bored and most likely become unmotivated. Changing up what you do each session will ensure you are always facing new challenges, as well as testing and training different parts of your body.   

Melbourne Sports Centres has a variety of world class facilities that allow a different style or type of workout each session. From our two Olympic size pools to gym and state of the art athletics track, there are many ways to add your variety to your workout. You can try these facilities when you sign up for a free seven-day pass. 

You’re only/ not doing cardio  

If you’re trying to drop a few kilos, or improve your aerobic capacity, only doing cardio training will only get you so far. Strength training will help you run faster and further as it builds your muscle capacity.  

If you’re looking to build muscle, but you have only been in the gym lifting weights, you might be seeing results, but they might be happening a lot slower than you’d like.  

By adding cardio to your workout, whether that be hill sprint or jumping on the treadmill, your growth hormones will soar. You will also see longer-lasting results in your muscle growth.  

Poor Diet  

Diet is one of the most essential parts of building muscle or trying to lose weight. The food and drink that you use to fuel your body are vitally important.  

If you’re not seeing results and you’re eating whatever you feel like, whenever, that could be the reason! Consulting a dietician may be a good way to get some direction on the best types of foods you should be eating based on your goals. 

Poor technique  

Have you been in the gym lifting heavy weights and you feel like you haven’t seen results? Or worse, you’ve constantly been getting injured or feeling sore in muscles that you haven’t been working on. Technique has a major impact with how you progress on your fitness journey.  

Incorrect technique can see you not actually engaging the muscles you’ve been trying too. Poor technique can also see you injure different parts of your body, which is going to hamper your progress altogether.  

Melbourne Sports Centres have gym floor staff who can ensure you are lifting weight and completing other exercises with correct the technique. You can try this with a 7-day free trial of the gym and aquatics performance membership at MSAC.   

Warm up/Recovery  

Warming up correctly and for the right amount of time is vitally important. As the name suggests, a good warm-up will see your muscles ‘warm’ and ready for the activity you’re about to complete. This will prevent injury and ensure you can push your body to produce results.  

Recovery is just as important as a warmup. It allows your body to heal ahead of your next training session, as well as decreasing the risk of potential injury.  

Not getting enough sleep  

Sleep is one of the most important factors in producing results from your workout. Resting your muscles as well as the rest of your body is very important in ensuring that you are fresh and ready to go for your next session.  

It’s not just about being ready for your next session; sleep also allows your muscles to repair and grow as the main muscles that you would use in your typical workout are not usually being used whilst you sleep!