18th December, 2020

Best Spotify playlists for your summer workout

Fuel your workout this summer with a top playlist from Spotify. Whatever type of exercise you’re in for today, there’s something on this list that’s sure to motivate you to dig deep and give it your all.

1. Triple J Playlist 

Of course, the Triple J Hitlist Playlist is always up to date with the newest music to hit the airwaves in Australia. With 200 songs, that’s more than 11 hours of music for you to enjoy no matter what your favourite way to exercise, from an HIIT workout to runs. 

2. Beast Mode

Chest workouts, leg workouts, strength workouts of all kinds — if beast mode is your mode, then you’re going to want to download this playlist to your Spotify Premium account so you can play Spotify no matter where you happen to be working out. It’s one of the most-followed workout playlists on the entire platform, with nearly 7 million followers. You’ll see why it’s so popular as soon as you turn it on.

3. Cool Down

Of course, every great workout has to come down after a while, so make sure your music matches. This playlist features relaxed, tranquil vibes with mostly instrumental tunes, so you can enjoy the newfound clarity of mind and positive thoughts that come with finishing a truly enjoyable workout.

4. Country Workout

Okay, so most workout playlists are geared toward those who like pop, rock and hip-hop, right? But what about those of us who prefer a little country music? In that case, you can still find a workout playlist for you. This 23-song list, brought to you by Beachbody On Demand, will last through your entire exercise routine.

5. Run ’N’ Bass

Want to get your heartbeat up? This Spotify-curated playlist was created with your BPM in mind — specifically getting your BPM up to about 170–175. The bass and beats in the songs help you get into the right state of mind to work out harder and faster, whether you’re on the elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike, or running through the city, feet pounding the pavement. 

6. Workout

And, if you just want to listen to some great pop tunes while getting in a fun workout, regardless of what type of exercise you’re doing, then try out the Spotify generic workout playlist, updated regularly with the top songs from the radio, so you’re always on top of the latest bangers.