5 must have apps for serious sports people

5 Must-Have Apps For Serious Sportspeople

 Your phone. It’s always with you, so why not put it to good use?

There are tons of apps out there that help you raise your fitness and workout game, but some are better than others. If you’re a serious athlete, you don’t want to be held back by some of the same old apps that the general masses use. Instead, upgrade to one of these five apps, for a better experience.

 1. Apps from Nike

There are actually several different Nike apps that pro athletes and Olympians swear by. The first two are somewhat intertwined, the Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running. The Training Club app helps you curate a workout regimen that’s right for you, assisting in the balance of your strength, endurance and recovery exercise. You can also tap into Olympian-preferred workouts, including those from the the U.S. Track and Field team, for some golden workout advice.

Additionally, there’s Nike BOOM. Your favorite workout tunes are paired with your favorite athletes, for added motivation. From Lance Armstrong to Lebron James, the list of affiliated athletes is long. The workout tunes are then synced to the type of workout you’re doing, and the duration, so you can ensure that your hard and heavy workout is never brutally interrupted by a slow ballad.

2. Training Peaks

Every athlete knows that, in order to get better, stronger and faster, you need data on your current performance. Training Peaks takes all the data about your workouts — heart rate, pace, elevation, distance and more — and puts it into a more easy-to-understand format, so that you can plan your next steps to get you to the next level more efficiently. Additionally, you can look back at old data, to see where you’ve improved over time, and then sync your workouts to your other calendars, for a more comprehensive view of your performance.

3. Sleepy Time! zZz

After pushing yourself, you have to recover, and one of the best ways to do this? Sleep. But not all sleep is equal. This app will track your sleep cycle to determine how much REM and deep sleep you’re getting, so that you wake up at the appropriate times in your cycles, and therefore get the best recovery and wake up feeling the most refreshed. Athletes say that, by using this, they’re able to train harder, longer, thanks to improved sleeping patterns. (Plus, it’s really easy to use: Just turn on the app and place your phone screen-down on the top corner of your mattress.)

4. Fitness Builder

For those trying to bulk up, Fitness Builder is a must-have for muscle building. You’ll get access to more than 7,000 different instructional videos, access to your own live personal trainer and progress reports, so you can track your growth. Additionally, there are special settings for fitness professionals and physical therapists, so you can tailor your usage to your individual needs.

5. Bitesnap (Coming soon to Australia)

Although it’s not released in Australia yet, we recommend keeping track of when this one is released. Tracking your caloric intake as an athlete is vital, but sometimes it can be a hassle. You go to your phone, find the individual ingredients of a dish, input the nutritional information and the app adds everything up. Yeah, it’s better than keeping a food journal by hand, but it’s not exactly great for people in a rush.

Bitesnap revolutionises the way you keep track of your meals and pre and post-workout snacks, by using AI. Just take a photo of whatever you’re eating, the app identifies the food and nutritional value and then tracks it. Done.

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