5 ways to overcome your fear of the gym

5 ways to overcome your fear of the gym

Do you look for reasons to not go to the gym? Do you blame a busy schedule, tiredness, your age or perhaps even worry about the people who at the gym and worry they are judging your every move?

Sound like you? What if all those excuses you're making not to go to the gym are a sign of gym anxiety?

It's not a dirty word. Gym anxiety is prevalent amongst many in the fitness community and those who are starting their fitness journey. It's merely the anxiety caused by going to the gym and that sinking feeling you have before you go, worrying if you will fail.

 And there's certainly a lot to feel anxious about! After all, it's a new environment, new people surround you, and you don't always know what to do or how to do it.

 However, you shouldn't let this trepidation stand between you and good health. Here are five ways to overcome your fear of the gym.

1. Sign up for a group fitness class

Not sure what to do or where to get started? Perfect. Sign up for a group fitness class. Group fitness classes are an excellent way to ease into the gym as there will be a class instructor there to guide you through the process. They can show you the ropes so that you can approach your fitness journey with ease, no gym anxiety. Think of them as your friendly guide to this brand-new world of working out.

2. Wear something you like

It's challenging to feel comfortable and confident going into a new situation when you don't feel confident in the clothes you're wearing. If you do think you need to buy some new workout clothes before you hit the gym, do it. Don't wait around. Buy something you think makes you look good like you belong at the gym if that's what it takes. Don't let what may be your "normal" workout clothes at home, maybe a pair of old sweats and a raggedy t-shirt, keep you from going to the gym.

3. Go with a friend

It doesn't matter what kind of new experience you're undertaking, if you're headed there with a friend, then you're going to feel much more confident and less anxious. Even if neither of you has ever been to the gym before, just having a friendly face by your side can help you beat that gym anxiety. So, consider joining a gym where you already know a friend works out, or find a friend who's been meaning to join a gym to join your new one with you.

4. Attend the gym during quiet times

Maybe your fears stem from all those eyes that might be on you (although we must assure you, that's probably not the case; most everyone at the gym is all in their world). Regardless, try to go to the gym during quiet hours if you can. Try the mid-morning or early afternoon, when most folks are at work, so you have more space and equipment to yourself. If you work full time, try to come in at times on a Saturday or Sunday for your first few sessions until you feel more comfortable.

5. Start slow

If your gym anxiety, however, comes from a fear of being "too out of shape" to work out, then start slow. There's never going to be a better time to start getting healthier but managing your expectations can help you stay positive. If you haven't worked out regularly in a few years, maybe start with walking, running or jogging, rather than a high-intensity aerobics class. You might find that these achieving micro-goals are more rewarding and less likely to burn you out. The team at Melbourne Sports Centres will provide you with a program that is both sustainable and enjoyable; you don't need to go from zero to hero!

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