49 ways to be more physically active (that aren't JUST going to the gym)!

With good weather on the way, there’s never been a better time to get more physically active. Fortunately for those living in the City of Port Phillip, there are a huge range of great ways to do just that without having to leave your neighbourhood.

We’ve compiled a list of the 50 best ways to be more physically active to make it a little easier for you. Whether you’re looking to get fit through competitive sport or are simply looking to incorporate more exercise into your lifestyle, there’s something for everybody here:


1. Run around Albert Park Lake

The Albert Park Lake is one of the most picturesque locations in Melbourne, and with a 4.7km running track surrounding it, is an ideal place for a workout.

2. Join a social basketball team at MSAC

MSAC offers basketball leagues for players of all abilities. With leagues running on numerous nights of the week, this is one of the more enjoyable ways to be more physically active.

3. Swim in Port Phillip Bay

Melbourne isn’t renowned for its beaches, but fortunately for those living in the Port Phillip area the bay is just a stones throw away. Why not use it?

4. Run/walk the Bay Trail

The Bay Trail runs for nearly 50km from Port Melbourne to Seaford, and while covering it in its entirety is out of the question for most people, running or walking along a stretch of it is a great way to start or end your day.

5. Learn to kiteboard at Kite Republic

Kiteboarding is a super fun way to get some exercise. Kite Republic will teach you how to do it in the heart of St. Kilda with the Melbourne CBD as your backdrop.

6. Ride your bike around the Port Phillip Bay

With a whole lot of bike trails available for cyclists, why not put your cycling skills to good use in the most picturesque region of Melbourne?

7. Learn to sail with Albert Park Yacht Club

Albert Park Yacht Club offers 5 week sailing programs to teach you the basics of this exciting sport, and keep fitter in the process.

8. Hire an Eliptigo Rider with Eliptigo Experiences

Eliptigo Riders are a combination of a bicycle and an elliptical trainer. With Eliptigo Experiences, you can join in on the expert-led bike rides for an ideal way to meet your exercise goals without placing extensive stress on your body.

9. Play beach volleyball on St. Kilda beach

From Tuesday-Thursday from 6pm, casual beach volleyball tournaments are offered on St. Kilda beach. You can register either as a team, or as an individual.

10. Stand Up Paddle with Supb or Monkey Business

Stand Up Paddling is rapidly growing in popularity, and with SupB or Monkey Business you can join in on the fun in Elwood or St Kilda.

11. Play Touch Rugby at Albert Park, Fawkner Park or Elwood Park

These three parks all offer touch rugby seasons throughout the summer, kicking off in October. To join, check out the Touch Football Victoria website.

12. Take the stairs instead of the lift

This is one of the easiest ways to live a more active lifestyle. By taking the stairs instead of the lift wherever feasible, you’ll get closer to achieving your fitness goals without even making any significant changes.

13. Make the most of MSAC’s Indoor Hydrotherapy Pool

MSAC’s indoor hydrotherapy pool offers a relaxed way to get some exercise. Heated to 34 degrees and located in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, this is the ideal place for hydrotherapy and gentle exercise.

14. Play AFL 9s at Fawkner Park

AFL 9s is a condensed format of the game of footy we all know and love. With spring and summer leagues, it’s a great way to keep in shape during the warmer months.

15. Use the fitness stations at in St Kilda, Elwood, Albert Park or Port Melbourne

There are six outdoor exercise equipment stations in the City of Port Phillip, located at Alma Park, Cook Reserve, Kings Way Reserve, Middle Park Foreshore, Moran Reserve and Peanut Farm Reserve.

16. Walk along the beach daily

Living near the beaches of Melbourne gives residents of Port Phillip the chance to meet their daily exercise goals while taking in the beautiful views of the Bay.

17. Join a yoga class at MSAC

MSAC a range of different yoga classes, from Vinyasa and Lyengar to Hatha and Ashtanga. MSAC members can access these classes free of charge, while casual members can pay just $29 per class.

18. Stretch every morning before work

Particularly if you have a job which requires you to sit still for long hours, getting in a good stretch every day before work is a good way to be more physically active.

19. Organise a social cricket match

As the summer arrives, parks across the country will begin to fill with cricketers, both social and competitive. Organising a social cricket match enables you to have an active day, and have fun while doing it.

20. Track your steps with a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers which count your steps are a cheap and easy way to track your movement. Wearing these will inevitably cause you to pay more attention to how much you’re walking in a day, and is one of the best ways to be more physically active.

21. Make use of MSAC’s diving boards

MSAC has diving boards for all shapes, sizes and abilities, ranging from 0.5 metre springboards to 10 metre platforms. 

22. Learn to surf down at the Peninsula

Unfortunately Port Phillip Bay very rarely creates big enough waves to surf on, but residents of the City of Port Phillip can easily access the Mornington Peninsula, and all of the waves it has to offer.

23. Play a round of golf at one of Port Philip’s many public courses

Playing a round of golf can see you easily cover 10km by foot, and with cheap courses  available to everyone located all around Port Phillip, it’s easy to get involved.   

24. Book a tennis court at Tennis World in Albert Reserve

Tennis World is located just to the east of Albert Park Lake, and courts can be booked starting from $30.

25. Walk to the shops instead of driving

Why drive when you can walk? Try incorporating more of the latter into your lifestyle by walking whenever it’s feasible, and leave the car at home.

26. Learn to dance!

Learning to dance is a great way to burn some energy in a fun environment. At MSAC we offer Zumba classes. Zumba fuses hypnotic, Latin rhymes and easy to follow routines to create a one of a kind cardio focused class. It's the perfect class for those who just love to dance!

27. Jump in on the Acland Street Village walking tour

The Acland Street Village Walking Tour gives you the opportunity to get some exercise while taking in some of the best sites of St. Kilda, from the Palais Theatre and Luna Park to the Botanical Gardens and the Esplanade.

28. Use your lunch break as an opportunity to go for a walk or jog

Breaking up your day at work with a run or jog is a great way to lead a more active lifestyle and will give you more energy to get through the afternoon. 

29. Get in the garden!

The warmer months provide a great opportunity to do some gardening. Spending an hour or two in the backyard will help you work up a sweat without having to leave the comfort of your own house.

30. Do some spring cleaning

Though it might not be the most enjoyable activity on this list, spring cleaning is a necessity and can even act as a great form of exercise! Be sure to use enough elbow grease to get your heart rate up…

31. Enjoy MSAC’s Indoor Wave Pool

MSAC’s Indoor Wave Pool is heated to 29 degrees, and with waves running every 30 minutes, gives you a chance to enjoy some waves without leaving Melbourne.

32. Walk along Station Pier

Station Pier is one of Melbourne’s most historic sites and is the location of arrival and departure for many of our ferries and cruise ships. Take a stroll along it and admire some of the nation’s most impressive ships.

33. Take your dog for a walk to one of Port Phillip’s seven dog beaches

Port Phillip is about as dog-friendly as it gets, with seven dog beaches dotted throughout the shire. Dogs are allowed off-leash at these beaches, meaning both you and your pup can get some exercise.

34. Park further away from work

Rather than driving all the way to work, try parking a kilometre or two away and walking the rest of the way. You might have to get up a few minutes earlier, but it’s one of the best ways to live a more active lifestyle.

35. Go kayaking in the bay with Sea Kayak Australia

For $99 per person, Sea Kayak Australia offers 3.5 hour kayak tours departing from St. Kilda, which include a personal guide, lunch, and all the gear you need.

36. Get off the bus or train a couple of stops before your destination

Getting into the habit of doing this enables you to clock up a few hundred extra metres of walking every day.

37. Set aside time each week to walk or run with a friend

Committing to exercise with a friend has been proven to be a highly effective way to meet your exercise goals, so set aside a weekly time to go for a walk or run with one of yours.

38. Join in on one of St. Kilda’s Free Walking Tours

Every day at 4.30pm, guided and free walking tours depart from St. Kilda Town Hall. Running for 2.5 hours, these tours will take you through St. Kilda highlights, and will leave you both more knowledgeable and more fit.

39. Hire bikes from Bike Share at MSAC

At MSAC, you can hire bikes using the Bike Share stations for an easy way to cycle around the Port Phillip area.

40. Learn to play squash at MSAC

Squash is an under appreciated sport, and is a great way to get fit and have a lot of fun. Squash courts are available for 1-hour for $22.50 during off-peak times and $28 during peak times. Plus, you can hire

41. Join a Stepping Out walking group

Stepping Out walking groups are neighbourhood walking groups which start at a range of locations across the inner south east. Generally, these are free, and run at various times throughout the week. Check out Meetup.com to find your local walking group.  

42. Walk, jog or cycle along the Foreshore Trail

The Foreshore Trail is an 11km long stretch which runs from Port Melbourne to Elwood and offers up some of the best sights the city has to offer.

43. Check out the Solar System Trail

The Solar System Trail follows a similar route to the Foreshore Trail, but with a unique twist. Created by a group of artists and scientists, this trail replicates the solar system on a scale of one to one billion, with each planet marked by a replica sculpture.

44. Try out badminton at MSAC

Badminton courts are available for hire at MSAC. In non-peak periods, you can rent one out for an hour for just $16.50, while at peak periods it will cost you $24.50

45. Play some backyard cricket

A necessary part of any Australian summer, backyard cricket is not only a great way to bond with family and friends, but is also a valuable source of exercise.

46. Order your coffee with a friend to takeaway and walk as you drink it

Rather than sitting down to drink your coffee, why not order it to takeaway and walk along one of Port Phillip’s scenic walking tracks as you drink it.

47. Use Windsor’s BMX Track

The Windsor BMX Track is located at 93 Union Street in Windsor and offers a good range of jumps for BMX riders.

48. Ride to work instead of driving

With traffic congestion becoming increasingly more of a problem, riding your bike gives you a more straightforward route to work and is a great way to be more physically active.

49. Head to the pool for some laps at MSAC

MSAC boasts one of the best aquatic arenas in the Southern Hemisphere, with 50 metre indoor and outdoor competition pools, as well as a 25 metre indoor lap pool. With summer on its way, there’s no better time to make the most of them.


The City of Port Phillip has left no stone unturned in its attempts to make staying healthy easy for residents - and the proximity to the beach doesn’t hurt either! Using the list above, it should be easy to make the most of where you live.

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