7 reasons to start swimming now!

All forms of exercise can have a wide range of health benefits. However, swimming is commonly known as one of the best physical activities you can do, due to its ability to work your entire body. In this article, we discuss seven benefits of swimming for your health and well being. 

1.    Works your whole body
Swimming requires work from muscle groups in your entire body and builds strength, endurance and can significantly improve your cardiovascular health

2.    Calorie burner
It is one of the most efficient ways to burn lots of calories, fast. 

3.    Safe for pregnant women
It is an activity that can be performed safely during all three trimesters.

4.    Inexpensive exercise option
Swimming represents fantastic value for money and is affordable for those who wish to casually visit or become a member of a pool. At Melbourne Sports Centres MSAC we offer a range of options for those who want to swim casually through to those who take their swimming more seriously or aspire to. 


5.    Reduce stress
Swimming and exercise are healthy ways to release endorphins, making you feel good in a short amount of time while simultaneously alleviating stress.

6.    Improves sleep
For those who sometimes struggle to fall asleep, swimming is a healthy way to tire your body out and allow your body to rest easier. 

7.    All ages
Whether you’re a young child looking to burn off extra energy, a dedicated lap swimmer or an older person looking to exercise and recover in aqua classes and hydrotherapy, swimming is suitable for people across different age groups. 

Do you or your child want to learn how to swim? Or do you want to take your swimming to the next level? Click here to learn more!