8 ways to stay fit this winter

8 Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

During the chillier winter months, it can be easy to make excuses not to work out. Maybe it’s a little too nippy for a run. And forget about your favorite swimming spot; it’s far too cold for that. While the winter weather can be a challenge to your fitness regimen, though, you shouldn’t let your health fall to the wayside these next few months. Here are eight ways to make sure you still get your workout.

1. Find other opportunities

What are your favorite ways to work out, outdoors? Chances are, it can be done indoors as well. Rather than immediately assume you’ll have to give up your favorite fitness activities until the warmer months are back, look for new ways to bring the outdoors, in. Running on treadmills, swimming indoors are all viable alternatives that won’t leave you shivering and unmotivated (and yes you can do both at MSAC!)

2. Keep an eye on your health

While fitness might be your primary goal, your overall health can suffer during the winter months as well, thanks to cold and flu season. If, however, you keep your fitness regimen consistent, you’re more likely to keep up a good immune system and less likely to fall ill.

3. Mix things up

You already might not be able to enjoy all of the summer activities you did in the warmer months. Don’t let that get you down, though. Mix up your workout routine with all the things you can do during the winter and keep your workouts varied so that you’re not bored and searching for excuses to stay home when you should be working out.

4. Make a schedule

If you expect to be busy this winter, make sure you keep exercise and fitness part of your schedule. Make a point to pencil in workouts and trips to the gym when you can and then stick to those plans, even if the weather says otherwise, or you’d rather stay in with a cozy drink. Routine is the key to any good workout schedule!

5. Treat yourself

It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally, if it means that you’ll work out harder, more often and better throughout the winter. Indulge in a latest piece of fitness tech. Pick up that workout gear you’ve been eyeing at the mall. After all, it’s not like the same workout clothes you used in the summer will be suitable for the winter months. Go ahead and treat yourself!

6. Keep your goal in mind

Setting a goal for spring will help you push through some of the dreary winter days to ensure you actually reach that goal by your deadline. Maybe you want to run a marathon right at the start of spring, or you want to increase your stamina in the same timeframe. Whatever it might be, if you’ve been eyeing a particular goal, now is the time to take action. Write down your goal and any actionable steps you need to take to achieve it. Break these down into fortnight, weekly or even daily goals.

7. Find a fun class

Sometimes all you need is a bit of socialization and fun to make your workout more engaging in the winter. A fun exercise class will not only make sure you stay healthy through the season, but will also teach you a new skill, increase your fitness levels in new ways and possibly introduce you to some new friends. Best of all its indoors out of the cold! Check out the classes available at MSAC, from boxing to pilates. Individual classes are available for casual visits or as a part of a Performance Membership. Better yet, trial unlimited classes with a free 7-day pass.

8. Find an indoor facility you love

If you love your workout space, even if you prefer outdoor exercise in the summer months, you’ll be more likely to use it. MSAC offers some world-class indoor facilities that bring your favorite exercises indoors, like swimming in some of the pools at the aquatic centre or joining a pick-up game at one of the courts for basketball or netball. Check out our website and look at all the sports we offer and find out how we can cater for those winter goals. After all summer bodies are made in winter. 

Want to kick start your fitness goals? Get a free 7 day trial at the world-class Melbourne Sports Centres MSAC.