App review - iSwim

Recreational swimmers now have the opportunity to take their skills in the pool to the next level, thanks to a new app from Swimming Australia. iSwim caters to Australian swimmers of all ages and all skill levels, offering up several different important functions for lap swimmers, open water swimmers and club swimmers.

The free app most importantly helps swimmers keep track of all of their important data — distance swam, heart rate, calories burned, time in the water, etc. You can see how your performance has fluctuated recently and adjust your swims accordingly, to get the results you want. You can synch the app with your Fitbit, Garmin or your Apple watch, for even easier use. Additionally, iSwim provides users with all the latest swimming news content.

Need a little help with the technical side of your swim? The app offers advice from members of the Australian Dolphins team and other notable Australian swimmers such as Shayna Jack and James Magnussen. Training programs are also provided by some of these famous faces in swimming.

Beyond the data, iSwim gives recreational swimmers — sometimes a lonely bunch compared to athletes involved in a team sport — an easy tool to get connected. According to Swimming Australia’s CEO Leigh Russell, when the brand set out to make iSwim, they wanted to “build [a] tribe of swimmers and connect with those Australians who swim for fitness, health and wellbeing or just for fun.”

It certainly won’t be difficult to find your own tribe on iSwim. With nearly 3 million Australians that swim weekly and more than 7 million that swim throughout the year, clocking more than 10.6 billion minutes in the water, you’re sure to meet swimmers with similar goals and activity patterns. Then, you can create a “virtual squad” and challenge one another to beat your swim goals (you might just win a cool prize if you do!).

“This app is aimed at engaging those people in a meaningful way to motivate and encourage them to swim more often and build life-long connections through digital communities.With the ability to tailor programs to suit different levels, we believe iSwim can benefit all swimmers, whether they are young, old, recreational or elite,” said Russel in a statement. “It also aligns with the Sport AUS ‘Find your 30’ campaign which promotes all Australians to get active through 30 minutes of daily exercise.”

iSwim is available for free on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.