Consider a health and wellness approach for your next corporate event

Anyone who works 40+ hours can attest that finding time for physical fitness and well being is a difficult task at best. The good news is, company decision-makers have taken notice and are taking steps to provide their employees with tools to build a healthy lifestyle. However, wellness in the workplace goes way beyond incentivised gym memberships and stocking protein bars in the break room. To show your employees you have a genuine concern for their health and well being; you need to make these pillars of your company culture. One of the best ways to reinforce this culture is to take on a health and wellness approach to your next corporate event. Here are some wellness-centered event ideas for your inspiration:

Outdoor activity events. As the corporate world begins to focus on the health and well being of its employees, there’s an increase in company-sponsored outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and even skiing and rock-climbing events. These kinds of activities go a long way to build morale and reinforce corporate’s desire to make room for physical activity in the workplace.

Interdepartmental sports. Build team camaraderie and practice sportsmanship by holding interdepartmental basketball or baseball games. You can host the games on company premises or at local venues designed for such activities.

Daily or weekly yoga and mindfulness sessions. Sometimes your employees can benefit most from taking a moment to slow down and breathe. You can help them do this by incorporating yoga and meditation sessions into your next conference or corporate retreat.

Nutrition classes or seminars. Many people have the desire to get healthy but don't know where to begin, and chances are, some of your employees fall into this category. Hosting nutrition classes and seminars help to teach about healthy habits and well-rounded dieting while reinforcing that your companies hold health and wellness as a top priority.

Healthy dinner buffet. This year consider changing the theme of your company's summer barbecue into something more health-conscious. Try hosting a health-food-only potluck or recipe-sharing event so your employees can swap tips and tricks for eating clean.

Mental health retreat. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Holding a mental health retreat will allow your team members to reconnect with themselves and promote inner well being. A mental health retreat can also serve as a reminder to individuals to check in on their state of mind and that it’s okay to seek help if they need it.

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