How to introduce your baby to water?

Australia is surrounded by water. That’s why it’s really important that Aussie kids are introduced to water and water safety at a young age.

Getting your baby involved in swimming lessons as young as possible is great way to grow confidence around water as well as confidence in life. There are several things to consider before introducing your baby to water for the first time.

When thinking about how old is old enough to first take your baby for a swim, the answer is - there is no right age. It’s best to check in with your pediatrician before taking your bub in the water for the first time, but there is no general consensus about a particular age.

There are number of things to remember to pack when venturing to the pool for the first time with your baby:

  • Swim nappies, they should be on top of your list
  • If your child is bottle fed, the makings for a warm bottle of milk
  • A towel, or even a toweling dressing gown to warm your bay up post swim
  • Swimming is hard work, so a snack to refuel post swim
  • Changing mat and nappy bag

Ensure that you take your child in a warm and shallow pool when they are first getting used to the water. At Melbourne Sports Centres - MSAC, the 0.6m toddlers pool is a great option to first when introducing your baby to water.

Starting off with sessions of no longer than ten minutes is a perfect way to get your child feeling comfortable in the water. Babies lose heat more quickly than adults, so if your child begins to shiver, get them out of the pool and wrap them up. Once you have visited the pool a number of times, start building up to sessions of twenty minutes, then thirty minutes.

After your baby starts to feel more comfortable in the water, it is the perfect time to consider swimming lessons. Lessons are a great way for your child to learn how to swim properly, as well as techniques around being safe in and around the water. Studies show that swimming lessons improve more than just your child’s stroke. The growth in cognitive function helps in all facets of your child’s development.

The water babies program at Melbourne Sports Centres – MSAC begins at the age of six months in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Lessons run for thirty minutes and across the program your child will become familiar with the water, develop their fine motors skills and cognitive skills. Your child will learn how to blow bubbles (breath control), submerge their face, push and kick with an aid, do torpedoes, push and glide of the wall and learn how to paddle and kick.

For further information about swimming lessons at Melbourne Sports Centres – MSAC, please click here or chat to our Swim School team on 9926 1581.