How To Series - Foam Rolling

Introducing the How to Series!

The How to Series is a new mini event series at Melbourne Sports Centres - MSAC for members wishing to get more out of their Health and Wellness experience. The How to Series is a number of sessions run by the MSAC gym team which will empower members with knowledge and skills to maximise their growth, and to help them be their best. This is the first edition of the series, with a different topic each month focusing on different fitness and recovery techniques. 

The series will begin on Thursday the 21st of November in the Melbourne Sports Centres - MSAC Yoga room, with a class on foam rolling. This is a great way to learn the basics and science of foam rolling in a safe group environment. 

Our MSAC Gym team will teach you how to use a foam roller and explain the benefits of adding this vital piece of equipment to your workout routine. 

What are the benefits of foam rolling?

  • Foam rolling can help reduce pain and muscle soreness. Massaging the muscles increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissue, helping the natural healing process. 
  • It helps with flexibility. Foam rolling, together with stretching and rehabilitation, can help lengthen your muscles. 
  • It helps you to manage stress. Stress-related tight spots can lead to discomfort, which can impact on your sleep. Once the tension is reduced, you might find yourself sleeping a whole lot better! 
  • It can help you to have an increased range of motion. Foam rolling helps to stretch and lengthen muscles, so you have a better range of movement. 
  • It can help to prevent common injuries. Tight muscles can be more prone to injury, so self-release of muscles and fascia can help loosen everything up and increase your overall performance. 
  • Foam rolling may help to reduce cellulite, as the increased blood flow can help your body’s natural detoxification processes. 

The How to Series is open to Performance and Aquatic Members only, with bookings essential. Bookings can be made via the form below, or in person at the Membership Services desk.