Introducing two NEW Group Fitness Classes

Get ready for some fast-paced strength and cardio action.

We are introducing 2 brand new bite-sized classes to the group fitness timetable and creating the perfect platform for you to kick off your week with an endorphin inducing workout.

Join us on Monday mornings for one 30-minute high intensity sweat session, or double it up and feel the force for a full hour!

Join us as we launch these new classes on Monday 3rd December – 7.15am Force and 7.45am Force Core.


FORCE – 7.15am Mondays

Force is a fast paced and dynamic 30 minute workout! Increase strength and cardio fitness with this whole-body sculpting session.  Come join us, and go all in!


CORE FORCE – 7.45am Mondays

Core Force is a 30 minute blast designed to target, isolate and strengthen your whole mid-section. Delivering gains in power, strength and stability; you’re going to reap the rewards from this session in everything you do - from everyday movements to your favourite sports.  Each week workouts will be varied to keep your body improving and your mind stimulated!


Will we see you there?