Melbourne Sports Centres - Parkville construction update

As construction at Melbourne Sports Stadiums – Parkville continues, what’s changed, and what is there to look forward to?

Construction began earlier this year as part of a project to provide more opportunities for women of all ages to get active and strive for the best, on and off the courts. The major focus of the investment is to level the playing field for women and girls, which through the establishment of the Women in Sport Leadership Centre, will kick start initiatives to drive cultural change and grow female leadership in sport through representation.

The construction of the new Netball Centre is in full swing, with the structure for this building now in place. The entry to this centre will revitalise the overall experience for all visitors to Melbourne Sports Centres - Parkville. The development of the northern entry is also ramping up, with its structure rapidly taking it's shape. 

The refurbishment of the Netball level 0 and lower corridors has begun, along with revamp of the Show Court amenities. Melbourne Sports Centres and Hockey Victoria staff have begun preparations for the relocation of their offices to the northern side of the building. 

The $64.6 million Melbourne Sports Centres - Parkville project will deliver the following:

• 6 new indoor netball courts to replace the current 4 outdoor courts, bringing the total number of usable netball courts to 11 • A new indoor hockey facility to support the new and emerging sport of indoor hockey • A high-performance strength and conditioning gym • The Women in Sport Leadership Centre • Sports House 2 - modelled on 'Sports House' at Melbourne Sports Centres - MSAC, and providing a home for the peak sporting bodies Netball Victoria and Hockey Victoria • Upgrades to amenity and infrastructure including: the development of a new front entrance, providing for improved circulation and improving access to local public transport.

The action isn't contained to the building site at Melbourne Sports Centres - Parkville, with HockeyOne competition getting to the pointy end of the season. HC Melbourne play their final home games at Parkville versus Adelaide Fire on Sunday November 3rd.

With upgrades expected to be completed in early 2020, an Olympic year, it is certainly an exciting upcoming few months for Melbourne Sports Centres - Parkville.