MSAC Rowing Challenge

The MSAC Gym team is proud to announce an exciting winter challenge, the MSAC Rowing Challenge, to help you continue to smash those PB's and #BeYourBest.

The MSAC Rowing Challenge is open to all members on a Performance Membership and is open from the 15th of July at 9.00am until the 31st of July 5.00pm. To complete the challenge we are asking you to join us on the MSAC gym floor, and row 2000 meters on our concept rowers and record your time with a staff member present, or to send us a photo via

We are offering 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the fastest 3 times, and we are offering a most improved prize for those of you who complete two sprints with maximal effort and decrease the time between your sprints the most. No matter if you are already beating those PB's or you are looking to improve and be the best version of yourself, this challenge will be help keep those fitness goals alive throughout the winter period. 

There is both a men's and women's category for the below prizes!

1st Place – 2 weeks free on membership

2nd Place – 1 week free on membership

3rd Place – 1 free 2XU x Melbourne Sports Centres cap

Most improved – 2 weeks free on membership

The current world record holder for 2000 metres on the concept rowers is 5:36:80, a time made by Josh Dunkley-Smith.

To take part in this challenge get in touch with the gym team via or come see the gym team in person! Don't forget to read our terms and conditions.

Let's do this!