New classes coming soon!

Warm up this winter with one of our new group fitness classes!

Has the winter weather been keeping you from working out? Our new classes have begun to keep you motivated! Our new class timetable aims to offer some of our most popular classes at key times - so leave your excuses at the door as you pop in these new class times in your schedule! 

From the 24th of June

  • Wyser 50+ - Wednesday's at 10:35am 
  • Zumba - Saturday at 10:35am 
  • Reformer Pilates - Wednesday 8:15am 
  • Bodypump - Thursday 7:15am 
  • Stretch - Thursday 7:45am

From Sunday 14th July

  • BodyPump - Sunday at 9:20am
  • Energise - Sunday at 8:15am