Strength training for triathletes

There’s a common myth among endurance athletes such as Triathletes and Marathon Runners, that there is no room for strength training when preparing for a race. There is a misconception that it’s all about endurance and aerobic improvement.

Recent evidence shows that it is equally important to complement aerobic and endurance training with strength training. In the past, athletes have been worried that by doing strength training they will add too much ‘bulk’, but not only is this wrong, there are also multiple reasons why adding strength training will improve your overall performance.

Simon Anning, Director at Lakeside Sports Medicine explains that strength training can improve your aerobic performance. Strength training can allow you to conserve energy for the end of a long ride or run. 

By becoming stronger, athletes can add little bursts of speed to outpace a fellow competitor.

With a stronger core from strength training, athletes can maintain a more streamlined position on the bike or in the water when swimming, which will help improve overall performance.

 Working out in the gym and doing weights training is one of the best ways to build strength. Other exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, squats and planks are also a great way to work on strength and can be completed before or after a run or ride in any location.

 Race 2 of the 2XU Tri-Series is on Sunday December 8th. Melbourne Sports Centres – MSAC is proud to be the official training venue of this event.