The best 9 apps for running

Thanks to the advent of modern technology, working out is easier than ever. Whatever you want to track, you can track it. However if you want to improve your performance, there’s an app for that too. Meeting your fitness goals has never been more convenient. This is especially true if you’re a runner.

Runners have tons of apps available to them on their mobile devices that can help them do an array of things — find motivation when running, track their training for a half-marathon, track data straight from their smart running shoes, follow the progress of a friend. The list goes on and on. So, if you want to up the ante when it comes to your daily or even weekly run, consider downloading one of these top nine apps for beginner users. 

1. Runkeeper
This app is just as well suited for beginners as it is for pros. The app tracks a ton of different data points, from time to distance to pace and more. You can follow routes available on the app, set goals for yourself and then track your progress and more. 

You can even add in other activities beyond running that might help you meet your running goals, such as walking or cycling to build stamina, speed and endurance. 
2. Couch to 5K
This app is just what it sounds like — it helps you get from your couch to a 5K, making it a great app choice for beginners. It’s really easy to learn your way around the app and it comes pre-set with a nine-week program that’s intended to prep you to run a 5k. 

It leads you through running, walking, resting and adapting your routine as your stamina increases. Loads of users love it thanks to its ease of use and clear purpose.
3. Human
Human isn’t strictly made for runners, but runners love it all the same. It tracks your activity all day long, so long as you have your device with you, including all your running, walking and biking. 

It will send you little nudges so that you get in your minimum daily exercise time, but it also taps into your competitive side by showing you who is using the app nearby and how their performance compares to yours — so you can use that as a little bit of extra motivation to get up, get out and start walking and running more than those around you. 
4. Nike Run Club 

If the main reason you run is to let off steam and unwind from a hard day at work, then you’ll love Nike Run Club purely for its Run with Headspace option. The option is a workout, sure, but it also relaxes you, via methods similar to those used in meditation. 

Other than this, Nike Run Club also allows you to track pace, distance, heart rate, elevation and more, as well as follow guided runs and listen to curated playlists. You can even swap out the calm, meditation-type of guided run in the app for a run that’s narrated by your favourite athlete or celebrity. 
5. Endomondo 

Created specifically for running and walking, Endomondo offers GPS tracking and summaries of your activity that include data such as distance covered, duration of a workout, average pace and maximum pace, calories burned and hydration intake. 

You can set goals for yourself and there’s an in-app community for added motivation. If you want to mix up your workout and go beyond just walking and running, the app also offers features for 60 other exercises, so there’s always something new to keep your attention when it comes to staying fit. 
6. MapMyRun

MapMyRun offers all kinds of unique features. You can not only measure your running routine, but also find local routes or routes in a new city that are approved by other runners. Enjoy feedback on your running stats, too, in case you need help breaking through a fitness plateau. 

You can even track the wear and tear of your running shoes, so you know the time to best buy a new pair, for peak performance. In-app communities are active and allow you to participate in various challenges. While MapMyRun is an iOS and Android app, it’s compatible with tons of other devices beyond Apple products or your smartphone. 
7. Runtastic 
Runtastic is great because of the many different data points it tracks. Elevation, distance, time, speed, calories, pace and location are all easily tracked and updated in real time, so there’s no need to wait to see how you’re doing. 

You can also go through your historical performances and compare and contrast how you’re doing currently and where you’ve improved and where you might need to work a little harder. Runtastic also works with other activities beyond running, such as hiking and even skiing. 

8. Runcoach 

If you really want a more personalized experience, you can download Runcoach. This app adapts to your habits and betters your user experience the more you use the app. 

So, set your goals and answer a few basic questions and then let the app go to work, creating customized plans to fit your needs and performance history. As you meet the goals that the app sets for you, it will adjust further and create new goals, so you’re always progressing and always moving forward in your fitness journey. 
9. Pacer

Lastly, Pacer has a very simple interface that makes it very desirable for either those who are a little tech illiterate or just those without any spare seconds to learn a new app during their day. 

It tracks your basic data points totally for free, such as calories burned, distance walked or ran and time spent active. An in-app community offers challenges, goals and conversation. 

The app and the community will actively encourage you to keep meeting and growing your fitness goals. Both beginner and advanced runners find aspects they love about the Pacer app.