Why your next team building event should have a sports focus

Why your next team building event should have a sports focus

Team building activities are so important in the workplace. Without them, you can notice employee morale sinking, teams not working together quite as cohesively as you’d like and the overall company’s production lessening, either in quantity or quality.

 But why should your team building activities have a sports focus? Why can’t you just take everyone out for a round of drinks at the pub nearest to the office? Well, there are actually several reasons. 

Sport develops leadership skills (and other crucial soft skills).

Why do you enrol a young child in sports? Is it only because they’re interested in playing the game? Probably not. You, as a parent or relative of a young child in sports, probably recognise that sports can help children learn a variety of soft skills.

The same can be true for those in your office. Just because we’re all far from our primary school days, that hardly means that we no longer need to work on building our soft skills. Allowing your team to participate in sports at a team-building event can help individuals learn and/or further develop their leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

Sport helps teams work towards goals.

If you have a team full of autonomous workers, those lone wolves who would rather spend all day in their cubicles than join forces for the good of the company, then asking them to play on a team will help them see how teamwork makes the dream work. As this group of independent thinkers lay aside their differences to work toward the common goal of winning, they’ll easily see how they can do the same in the office, for everyone’s benefit. 

Sports have a relevant tie-in for everyone on the team. 

This year especially, everyone will have some opinion on sport as the 2020 Olympics take the world stage. So, don’t worry if Barb from accounting isn’t quite into football as the rest of the office. You might just be surprised when she shows up this year with a very strong opinion when it comes to Olympic sports. 

It’s not the same old same old.

Don’t just do the same old same old for your next team event. If all of your team-building events take place at the same venue, and you’re always doing the same thing, that could end up just as boring as if you’d just stayed in the office and worked the day away. If you’ve never treated your team to a sports-focused team building event, then it’s time to do so. You won’t be sorry. 

Is a Sports Focus Best for Your Next Team Event?

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