Why you're unmotivated to go to the gym - and what to do about it

We all know the feeling. Whether it's the alarm on your phone or that nagging voice inside of your head telling you it's time. You know you need to go to the gym, and you know you'll feel better if you do. However, you can't seem to work up the motivation needed to get off the couch or from the warm coziness of your bed. It's just too difficult, after all. You have to take time out of your morning or evening to get dressed, walk or drive to the gym, then actually work out, shower and then get back to real life. Who has time for that? 
You do if you want to stay fit. So, how can you beat that lack of motivation and get back to a fulfilling workout routine? Here are four reasons you may be unmotivated to go to the gym, and ways to get back into the head space needed to make it to the gym. 
1. You don't love what you're doing. So find a workout routine you love!
Now, don't try to argue that there's no workout routine that you're going to love. Everyone loves something. If you haven't found a workout you like yet, you just haven't found it. Maybe you hate free weights; try a spin class. Perhaps you can't stand aerobics; so try some yoga. Don't enjoy classes of any type? Then hop on the treadmill and run to the soundtrack of your favourite tunes, or while watching your latest Netflix show. Still not happy? Chat to the staff at your local gym and find out what motivates you and they should be able to accommodate your requests (yes we can certainly do that here at Melbourne Sports Centres!)

2. No one keeping you accountable? Find a friend.
It's way harder to let down a friend than it is to let down yourself. Find an accountability partner among your friends or family, one that you know will be tough on you if you don't hold up your end of the agreement. Not only will they be able to motivate you to go to the gym, but they may also help you have a better time once you're there. 

3. Doesn't feel worth it? Reward yourself.
If the promise of a future healthier you isn't enough of a reward to head to the gym, try something that's a little faster. For every day you work out, give yourself a small treat. Maybe if you go to the gym after work, you'll allow yourself also to pick up a treat after work (we're talking a piece of chocolate or a small iced coffee; don't undo all your efforts!). If you go to the gym every weekday, on the weekend, you give yourself a break and use your normal gym time to do something you love, like getting a manicure or indulging in a little retail therapy. 

4. Too many obstacles? Remove them. 

For every obstacle you encounter to stop you going from the gym, you must think strategically to eliminate or minimise the impact of them. If you usually go to the gym in the morning, lay out your clothes the night before, time the coffee pot to have a cup waiting for you when you wake up, have all your other morning responsibilities as done as possible (from making the kids lunches to ironing your shirt for work). If you go to the gym after work, make sure your groceries for the week are ready to cook and utilise on the weekend, so you're not trying to organise food after your workout. If you're still struggling to find time to cook, prepare all of your meals on the weekend and put them in the fridge/freezer for the week. Don't let anything stand in your way of meeting your fitness goals, least of all yourself. 

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