important membership information

We wish to advise that our membership fee debits are transitioning from monthly to fortnightly as of Tuesday, October 19, 2021.  This will see your membership payments move to a fortnightly cycle, with debits occurring every second Tuesday from that dateWe hope this will make payments easier for you, reducing the payment size and aligning with most pay cycles.  Due to our current closures, memberships will remain suspended until further notice, however when debits resume this will be on a fortnightly cycle from this date.

The changeover of the debit amount will occur of the coming weeks, with your new fortnightly debit being viewable in Perfect Gym in October.  The calculation of the new fortnightly debit amount is; Current Monthly Debit x 12 = Annual Fees.  Annual Fees / 26 = Fortnightly Debit. Please be advised, when debits resume the initial debit(s) may be for an irregular amount with applicable credits/outstanding amounts applied.

We have also updated our cancellation notice period as part of this process, reducing this to 28 days, aligning with our debit cycles.  Please visit to view the updated terms and conditions for your membership.

We have recently been advised that our payment processor Integrapay Pty Ltd (ABN: 63 135 196 397) has rebranded to a new business entity, Payrix Australia Pty Ltd.  Their direct debit User ID will remain 382220.  Payrix Australia Pty Ltd will be processing payments on behalf of Melbourne Sports Centres from 22nd October 2021.  There is nothing required from you in relation to this change, however we wanted to highlight this change should you notice Payrix Australia appear on your account statement.

Payrix Australia Pty Ltd is an authorised Direct Debit processor, with an Australian Financial License (AFSL no. 418105).  All payment data is encrypted, stored and processed within a highly secure network. The entire process is certified at the highest level of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

We have taken this opportunity to review our range of membership types and related fees. While there is no change to your current membership benefits, your new fortnightly fee has been calculated by dividing your current annual fees by 26. This will result in a minor change to the full year cost of your membership.

We appreciate lockdown has been a challenging time and thank you for remaining a valued MSAC member, investing in your personal fitness, health and wellbeing.  Despite memberships currently being suspended, we continue to offer services to members through our MSAC at Home program.  With numerous group fitness classes held daily, plus workouts, recipes and health tips, there’s sure to be something to keep you moving.  More information on MSAC at Home can be found here.