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Our friendly swim teachers are qualified, experienced and passionate about creating a safe and enjoyable environment where you can learn swim skills for life.

Term Dates 2018:




Term 3

16 July – 23 September


Term 4

8 October – 16 December

6 November (Melbourne Cup)

Fees are paid fortnightly via direct debit so there is no need to re-enrol each term. Enrolments continue until you choose to stop them.


Learn to swim in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Build lifelong skills, confidence and a love of water!


Welcome to the New Look MSAC Swim School. Our new swimming lessons program for everyone’s individual swimming goals. Whether you're looking to teach your young one to swim and be safe around the water or looking to start open water swimming as an adult, our program offers the opportunity to challenge you as your technique progresses whilst offering pathways for your individual interests and goals.

MSAC’s Water Babies program allows parents to bond with their babies in a relaxed and enjoyable aquatic environment. Our Water Babies classes build water familiarisation and confidence through a mix of songs, activities and games. All of our activities are targeted to teach kids vital swimming and survival skills in an engaging manner. Our lessons are also supporting children gross motor and fine gross motor development, and swimming has been proven to increase left and right brain patterning, supporting your child’s cognitive development. These classes are beneficial for both babies and adults, providing a forum where parents can explore relevant issues and learn to feel confident around the water with their children. 

MSAC Swim Schools new swimming program now caters to Preschoolers and School Aged Children. Our preschool aged lessons are designed to have your pre-schooler building skills and confidence over distances that are appropriate for their development, as each skill is mastered they are upgraded and new skills and distances are introduced. With regular assessments and feedback, along with small class sizes you will find your pre-schooler coming along quickly through our fun based teaching approach for this age group. Once 5 your child will be assessed and moved into the appropriate school age level based on the skills acquired.

Our School aged program caters for beginners from 5 and up and for children coming out of our preschool program. The program is designed to build on your child’s existing skills and water confidence. Children in our school aged program are regularly assessed to ensure their progression right through to the final level our school aged program. Each level is designed to extend the distance of existing techniques and introduces a new skill so that children feel comfortable and confident trying new techniques. The MSAC Swim Schools learn to swim program focuses on the development of swimming techniques across both competitive swimming and water safety.  Upon their final assessment for this program children will be able to demonstrate all the required skills for them to explore our their interests in our extension pathways program. 


We are excited to now be able to offer every participant graduating from our learn to swim program the opportunity to explore their individual swimming interests and goals.


We are excited to be working with Swimming Australia and Swimming Victoria to provide participants looking to learn to race and opportunity to learn the skills required to join a competitive club. Our new Head Coach, Lex Sendikas, is driving our Transition to Squad program. This program focuses on introducing race techniques and training strategies. Participants are given the opportunity to experience race starts, turns, and timing as well as refining their technique and distances for personal improvement.


For people looking to explore the opportunities of open water swimming, both survival swimming techniques, increased distance training, and open water race strategies and techniques. We are excited to be working with Open Water and Surf Life Saving Clubs to provide a place for participants to train to gain skills and confidence in an environment where they are comfortable and feel supported.


There are many health and wellness benefits to swimming. This Extension Pathway stream is about teaching people the benefits to a well balanced training module, how to structure your training, set goals, and work hard to achieve them under the guidance of our instructors. 


The MSAC Swim School understands that sometimes the drive to learn swimming comes once participants can voice their concerns and feel more in control of their body. With this in mind we have introduced our Teen Lessons, catering to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers this stream is there to refine technique and ensure participants feel supported by their teacher and peers whilst they gain their swimming goals.


MSAC Swim School offers 3 levels of adult classes – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Emphasis in our Adult classes is on creating a relaxed and encouraging environment where adult swimmers can learn basic swim strokes while developing water confidence and safety skills. Intermediate and Advanced classes offer the opportunity to refine technique and build fitness. Our Fitness streams then offer participants an opportunity to embrace their new knowledge and skills into their weekly health and wellness regime.



Private swimming lessons offer students of all ages the opportunity to get personalised, one-on-one training to enhance their technique and results. The flexible nature of these lessons allows them to be tailored to suit the specific needs and learning style of each student, resulting in accelerated progress.


MSAC’s holiday intensive classes are a fantastic way for participants to progress through our learn to swim model quickly. Classes run for 30-45 depending on the age of the participants. These classes run every day at the same time for the week, giving children the chance to consolidate their learning by building endurance and repetitive of the required skill set. Intensive programs are ideal for students looking to stay active and boost their swimming skills over the holidays.

Our next holiday intensive program runs from through the January School Holidays - 2019

Enrolments open 1st of November and can be done via phone or at the Swim School desk. Places limited. Terms and Conditions apply. 

If you're looking to cancel your Swim School enrolment and direct debit instalment, two weeks notice is required. Please contact us online, email swims@ssct.com.au or phone 03 9926 1581 for more information. 

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