10 Visit Pass Terms & Conditions

You are the applicant for a Multi-visit pass with MSAC in consideration of your application for an access pass being accepted ( which it may not be in MSAC’s absolute discretion and without giving reason) you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Payment is payable up front and in full and is not refundable
  2. No suspensions are available
  3. Is only available for group fitness classes held at MSAC
  4. All participants are required to obtain a ticket from our customer service desks to hand to the instructor upon entry
  5. Lost cards must be reported to MSAC and can be purchased for $5.00
  6. Multi visit pass is for group fitness classes only and valid for 6 months from commencement date. Please refer to casual access conditions for more specific area information
  7. Must be 16 years of age or older to use this pass
  8. You will at all times abide by the conditions of entry
  9. This visit pass does not allow access to the gym
  10. As part of your access, MSAC may at times pass on promotional information from approved partners.
  11. Please refer to www.melbournesportscentres.com…. for updates on terms and conditions
  12. MSAC reserves the right to change, modify or update rules and or terms and conditions relating to your access or use of the MSAC facility. Any such changes will be made with reasonable notice.