School Age Learn to Swim

Stroke technique and water safety is the foundation of our School Age Learn to Swim program. Our small class sizes and technique-based curriculum allows our teachers to give individualised feedback to swimmers and cater to their specific needs. 

Our Swim School philosophy is that teaching aquatic skills helps with making good life choices, beginning with important water safety skills. We follow this with creating options for children and adults to experience wider aquatic environments to continue development.

From Monday November 15, our Learn to Swim programs will be returning. For all timetables and level information, please check the Client Portal here.


All access for Learn to Swim is via the Main Reception, with parking, with all regular entitlements, available in the Stadiums Carpark.

Direct Debits

Direct debits will return on Tuesday November 16, which will include any credits and debits accumulated during our most recent lockdown. Debits will also be adjusted to reflect the gradual return of lessons.


The safety of you, our staff, and our broader community is our number one priority. Our COVIDSafe Plan complies with Victorian Government’s directives to ensure our venues can operate safely. For this reason, we ask the following:

  • Only one parent attends lessons per child to ensure we can maintain capacity limits
  • Vaccination requirements are in place in our venues, in line with Government restrictions. You may be required to present your proof of vaccination upon entry. 
  • Ensure that your digital vaccination certificate is linked to your Service Victoria app for smooth and prompt entry into the venue. Instructions on how to link your certificate with the Service Victoria App can be found here.
  • Scan in via the Service Victoria QR code when you arrive and whenever you enter a new space within the venue.
  • All those aged 12 and over must wear a fitted face mask, when entering and moving around the facility. Masks can be removed when completing strenuous activity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Learn to Swim team: or 9926 1555.

MSAC Learn-to-swim framework

Small class sizes

Individualised feedback and personal guidance and support is crucial to a swimmer’s development. Our small class sizes ensure each student is given ample attention and feedback from their teacher.

Competition pathway

We want to give all the swimmers in our programs the confidence, skills and motivation to one day compete in our wonderful sport. We offer all school age swimmers the opportunity to race in fun and supportive carnivals to help them develop in a competitive environment.

Swimmer Recognition

Our certificate system ensures that every swimmer’s achievement is recognised and celebrated.

Technique based curriculum and framework

The program curriculum is based on the principle that each stroke has many individual skills and components, each of which must be individually taught and evaluated.

Emphasis on fun

Our aim to help achieve our young swimmers’ best is always through engaging your children first by providing a fun learning environment and somewhere they feel safe and supported.


Stroke technique and water safety is the foundation of our School Age Learn to Swim program. Our small class sizes and technique-based curriculum allows our teachers to give individualised feedback to swimmers and cater to their specific needs. 

LEVEL 1 MELBOURNE (previously goldfish)

In this level, swimmers will be given the opportunity and support to grow their confidence in the aquatic environment. Swimmers will learn how their body moves in the water through fun and engaging activities. Foundational skills such as blowing bubbles, floating and kicking are also taught in this level. A paramount focus of this level is developing water safety knowledge that is essential around the pool, beach and home environment.


In this level, swimmers will further develop the skills and confidence in foundational skills such as floating, body position and movement patterns in the water. Swimmers will be introduced to freestyle and backstroke. Our curriculum model allows swimmers to learn and master individual components of each stroke. Swimmers will focus on head and body position, kick mechanics and basic arm motion. Swimmers will also continue to develop knowledge of water safety in different environments whilst also learning basic rescue skills. 


In this level, swimmers will begin to swim independently. Swimmers will learn to swim efficiently by improving their kicking and body position while also developing strong arm mechanics through freestyle and backstroke drills. Students will also be introduced to breaststroke drills, learning the arm and leg motion. Swimmers will continue to develop their water safety skills, these include treading water, survival backstroke and having an advanced knowledge of water safety skills. Additionally, students will gain confidence to safely perform a kneeling/crouching dive into the water.


In this level, swimmers will be swimming all four strokes. Swimmers will swim freestyle and backstroke independently for 25 metres while continuing to improve timing and body and head position. Swimmers will swim breaststroke as a complete stroke and drills will emphasise timing and body position. To ensure swimmers are safe in and around different bodies of water, they will learn more advanced rescue techniques. We continue to reinforce knowledge in water safety with fun and educational activities.


In this level, swimmers will refine their freestyle and backstroke technique by learning new drills. We also emphasise increased endurance by building up to swim 50 metres of each stroke. Breaststroke is further refined in this level to ensure swimmers achieve maximum distance per stroke and a greater emphasis is placed on butterfly through drills focussing on proper body and head position. We introduce swimmers to the world of competitive swimming, making use of our omega starting blocks to learn to do dives in the competition pool.

LEVEL 6 RIO (PREVIOUSLY dolphin and transition level)

In this level, swimmers will continue to improve their technique over extended distances such as 75 metre freestyle, 50 metre backstroke and 25 metre breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers are introduced to more advanced drills to ensure they maintain efficiency and distance per stroke across all different strokes. Swimmers will further enhance their water safety skills by working up to one minute of treading water, 50 metre survival backstroke as well as improving their knowledge of water safety and rescue techniques. Swimmers will be encouraged to attend our in-house carnivals to gauge their level of improvement over a period of time. To prepare for these carnivals, swimmers will continue to develop key racing skills such as dives, underwater skills and turns.

LEVEL 7 TOKYO (PREVIOUSLY advancement level)

In this final level, swimmers will begin to transition to squad swimming. Swimmers will perform mini sets and be introduced to the language and set design used in our squad program. Swimmers will continue to use a variety of drills to refine technique and correct any individual weaknesses. Swimmers will further develop racing skills including individual medley turns. Swimmers will have a significant understanding of water safety skills, knowledge and rescue techniques. Completion of the Tokyo level will allow swimmers to progress to the MSC Swim Squad for further development towards competition and high-performance.

Where does my child fit in?

School Aged Lessons (5 – 12 years)

Catered for all students at school for ages 5 and above, these classes focus on learning correct stroke mechanics and water safety skills.

Teen Lessons (13 – 17 years)

The MSAC Swim School understands that sometimes the drive to learn swimming comes once participants can voice their concerns and feel more in control of their body. With this in mind we have introduced our Teen Lessons, catering to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers this stream is there to refine technique and ensure participants feel supported by their teacher and peers.

Transition Squads (7-12)

Catered for swimmers who have completed our learn-to-swim program and are now being prepared for their transition into the squad environment.

MSAC Swim School Program


Swim School runs in line with the Victorian School Terms


$21 per lesson


Monday to Saturday 9am to 12pm

Monday to Friday 4pm – 7pm


30 Aughtie Drive,
Albert Park,
VIC 3206


Enrolment for our Learn to Swim programs is made through our Client Portal. Visit the portal here to make a free account!

Once you have an account, you can view class vacancies, and make and manage your bookings. Via the portal, you can also update any personal details that might change and make fee payments.

If you need any help making an account or enrolling in a program, instructions can be found here.

Enrolment for our Learn to Swim programs is perpetual, with payment made via fortnightly direct debit.

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