30th April, 2021

Why it’s important to work out before work

Ugh. It can be difficult, we know. Getting up before work, an extra hour or two early, rolling out of bed, putting on your workout clothes and heading to the gym sometimes before the sun is even up. Then, after your workout, you have to shower and go into the office, with your long day already longer as the next eight hours stretch out before you…​​

Sound like a familiar narrative you’ve played out in your head? If you’ve never gone to the gym to work out before work, then you likely think it would just be drag. 

However, those that actually do regularly go and work out before work sing this simple habit’s praises. It can make all the difference in your fitness, mental health and even your work life. Here’s how.

1. Exercise gives you energy.

We know this is a fact. You start exercising more, you’ll have more energy. You work out in the morning, first thing, before going to work, and you have more energy across the rest of the day. It’s why you’re advised not to work out close to your bedtime — you’ll be all revved up and unable to sleep.

So, while the rest of your colleagues are yawning and begging for coffee in the 9 o’ clock meeting, you can show up alert, awake and energetic, ready to start the day and make things happen in the office.

2. Exercise helps with your mental health.

Regular exercise comes with a load of mental health benefits. Studies show that those who exercise during the work week are happier and less stressed out. They’re even more productive (probably thanks to all that extra energy they have in the mornings). 

So, if you have a particularly stressful job, or even one that you don’t quite like, working out in the morning time can help you approach your job with a clearer mind and a more positive mindset. 

3. Morning exercise is more impactful in terms of fat loss.

It’s science! When you work out, your body looks to burn sugar and fat to fuel your workout. In the morning, you’re less likely to have consumed sugar content, so there’s less of that for your body to target for fuel. So, it’ll go after your stored fat instead, leading to better fat burning results. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to work out on an empty stomach. A simple protein bar or fitness bar will work just fine.


An early morning workout ahead of your workday doesn’t have to mean you have to go for a peppy, high-energy run around the neighborhood. 

If you’re not a morning person, you can easily enjoy a more steady, weight-focused workout (like bodyweight exercises) at the gym, which will also allow you to enjoy going to the gym when there are fewer crowds vying for the same equipment. 

Once your colleagues see what a difference a daily workout is making in your work life, they’re likely to want to get in on the action, too. And why not? Consider making your daily workouts part of team building activities for the entire office. 

Even if your team doesn’t join you every day for a pre-work workout, they still might love the chance to fit in a game of basketball, squash or table tennis before the workday commences.