4 fitness gadgets for runners and triathletes

If you’re a triathlete or even just a serious daily runner, you know that — beyond your workouts, diet and frame of mind — your gear also plays a big role in your performance. Thankfully, with the continual progress in technology and especially the Internet of Things over the recent years, more and more tech is being released with fitness and athleticism in mind. How do you sort through it all to determine which fitness gadgets are right for you? Check out four of our favorites.

1. The Garmin Fenix 5 and 5S Plus Series

The Garmin Fenix 5 is not just a smart watch. No, this handy (and stylish) gadget is a multi-sport GPS smart watch. With the original Fenix 5, you get awesome features like an accurate heart rate monitor and automatic sports data recording (for swimming, running and cycling). With the enhanced 5S Plus series, though, you get that, plus more. Take advantage of features like maps with Trendline popularity routing so you can see the best, most frequented running routes near you; music syncing; and built-in navigation with multi-satellite network capability, for when you need to find your way through more challenging terrain.

2. AIRhub

If you specifically want to focus on the biking part of an upcoming triathlon, then you need this piece of IoT. AIRhub is an electromagnetic braking system that you add to your front hub, and then link to a mobile app. There, it helps you control your riding resistance while cycling outside, so you can enjoy training outdoors, anywhere, while still getting the kind of workout you want. There are several different cycling modes to choose from, including one mode that adjusts resistance automatically to help keep you in your desired heart rate zone.

3. UA SpeedForm Gemini

If you don’t like watches or wearing gadgets on your wrist, you’re in luck, because now the gadgetry and tech of a smart watch has been built into a pair of shoes. The Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini shoe line might look like your average running shoe and it’s built for comfort and safety, but it offers some great extra features as well. The shoes can track your time ran, distance ran, split times and more. You can even integrate the shoes with MapMyRun, to see GPS data of your runs. Additionally, Under Armour says the battery life will outlast the shoe life, so that’s never a worry.

4. TritonWear

For the swimming part of a triathlon — or for just those looking to up their swim game regardless — TritonWear has a new gadget on the market that’s here to help. A wearable tucks into your swim cap, where it collects data on your swim, and then sends it to an app for analysis, giving you information on stroke efficiency, turns and more. All the analysis is based on the brand’s work with top swimming programs across the globe and Olympians, to better help athletes optimize their performance using proven methods.