Top 8 ways to exercise this summer

Top 8 Ways to Exercise this Summer

If you prefer to exercise in the great outdoors, then you might find that your exercise routine is slacking a bit this summer. After all, when just walking outdoors from your house to the car makes you break into a sweat, no one wants to exert themselves any further. 

Don’t let your health take a hit this season, just because the temperatures are rising. There are still plenty of ways to exercise out of the heat and/or indoors, so you can stick to your yearly fitness goals (and, no, none of our ten options include running on a treadmill).

1. Take Up Swimming

While some may associate summertime swimming with more lounging by the pool and sipping on fruity drinks than any real activity, that doesn’t have to be the case. Hit the pool and swim some laps. You might find it’s a more challenging workout than you think.

2. Switch Tennis for Squash, Racquetball or Badminton

While tennis requires you to be out in the heat, similar sports like squash, racquetball and badminton or often played indoors — meaning you can avoid the sun while you still play your favourite way.

3. Find a New Team Sport

If you love playing team sports outdoors, but you find all your teammates have given up on trying to play in any kind of competition during the summer, you might be able to find a new team sport when you head indoors. Basketball leagues and water polo leagues, for example, are both indoor sports that often offer ways for community members to get involved.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to the Treadmill

Don’t think that running, jogging or walking indoors during the summer requires you to hop on a treadmill (unless you really like treadmills). Many fitness centres offer walking, jogging and running tracks so you can get your steps in without staying in one place the entire time.

5. End Your Workout with a Swim

Of course, you can still do your running, walking, biking or other exercises outdoors, but to beat the heat this summer, try ending your workout with a swim. It’s an excellent way to cool down!

6. Seek Out Shady Spots 

If you don’t have access to a pool, but still want to exercise outdoors, look for those shady spots and maybe even bring a little bit of nature into your daily routine. Forested parks and similar areas can be an excellent place to beat the heat while getting your workout on.

7. Take a Cue From the Kids

Take a cue from the kids this summer and burn off some energy and calories by having a little bit of fun. Whether you’re running around the beach and splashing in the waves or retreating to an indoor wave pool for a bit of high-energy fun, this workout is one the entire family will enjoy. 

8. Learn Something New

There are plenty of indoor classes and fitness activities available at Melbourne Sports Centres. Why not join a class and learn something new this season? Whether you want to brush up on your pilates mat moves or want to challenge yourself with a boxing course, now’s the perfect time to try your hand at a new fitness activity. 

 Melbourne Sports Centres has everything you need to stay fit this summer, whether you’re looking to rent a badminton or squash court for an hour, swim some laps in one of our state-of-the-art pools (or just splash around in our indoor wave pool) or join a new team sport.