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About the MSAC Institute of Training

MSAC Institute of Training is a specialised training institute for the sport, recreation and fitness industry. Our courses are designed to improve the professionalism of the industry by providing those working, or aiming to work, in the industry with the right accreditations to excel in their careers.

Located at 375 Albert Rd, Albert Park in Victoria, we offer a variety of short courses in the sports and recreation industry including Aquatic Technical Operator (required to work with public pools), Pool Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR. Whether you’re looking to build your experience, explore a new career direction or upskill, MIT has the right course for you.

For upcoming course dates please download the PDF below or for other enquiries please email

MSAC Institute of Training FAQs

Where are you located?

375 Albert Road, Albert Park, Victoria, 3206

Contact and enrolment details

Having trouble? Simply Contact us via email ( and we’ll walk you through what to do.

What are the payment options?

Direct Bank Transfer (please email remittances to after payment)


I have a lifeguard qualification from overseas, does that allow me to work in Australia?

It is mandatory to complete a full SISSS00111 – Pool Lifeguard Course before starting work as a lifeguard in Australia in order to familiarise yourself with Australian regulations and standards.

Are the courses nationally recognised?

Yes, MSAC Institute of Training is a Registered Training Organisation (21761) and all courses are nationally recognised. Qualifications are respected around the world, so even if you travel, your qualifications with us will open doors for you.

Do you provide us the opportunity to complete our practical component or provide work experience?

The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) is willing to provide all students with the opportunity to complete some or all of their required practical hours onsite in a practicing busy centre.

I have to cancel my course. How soon before the course start date can I cancel?

If you cancel your course more than 2 weeks before the course starts then you will be refunded the cost of enrolment. We unfortunately can not refund if cancellations are made within the 2 week period unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Benefits of enrolling at MSAC of Institute of Training

  • We are about job outcomes
  • All courses are very practical and interactive and include on the job training
  • We cater for all learning abilities
  • MSAC Institute of Training is governed by the State Sport Centres Trust which is State Government owned
  • Strong creditability and reputation for our facilities
  • Trainers are nationally accredited and experienced in sport & recreation
  • We are a sporting hub, we have access to a wide range of sports and knowledge
  • Provide access to world class venues including MSAC, Lakeside Stadium and Parkville Stadium
  • Provide a friendly and positive environment to learn

Enrolment Form

Enrolments Form – MSAC Institute of Training

I loved undertaking a lifeguard course at MSAC, it was very rewarding and I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else!

Life Guard | MSAC Institute of Training Student