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Class Timetable

Kick start your health and wellness journey by joining a group fitness class, run by professional instructors to reach your goals!


We're excited to announce a series of all NEW classes and times which are NOW available.

Read more detail and view the new class timetable below! 

  • Wyser 50+ - Wednesday's at 10:35am 
  • Zumba - Saturday at 10:35am 
  • Reformer Pilates - Wednesday 8:15am 
  • Bodypump - Thursday 7:15am 
  • Stretch - Thursday 7:45am

From Sunday 14th July

  • BodyPump - Sunday at 9:20am
  • Energise - Sunday at 8:15am  

Our latest class Energise is a fun, yet hard hitting workout filled with high impact aerobics moves to great music. This class will improve your cardiovascular fitness, endurance and create a lean athletic body that finds everyday tasks effortless. 

Introducing a new program for parents and their kids to participate in group fitness together. Make sure you check out Fam Fit to learn about this fun new program!


Interested in understanding more about what our classes are like? Browse our classes on our "Train" page or download the class timetables below.

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